Welcome to Cwtch-Up Pontypridd!

We’re a group for families in Pontypridd and the surrounding valleys. We try to help every person who wishes to carry their child to do so in a safe and comfortable way. We aim to be a friendly group that welcomes mums, dads and all other family members, whatever type of carrier you choose to use. 

We meet on the third Friday of the month in the Taff Meadow Community Centre in Treforest.

Using slings, wraps and carriers is nothing new in these parts. Once upon a time every baby born in this area would have been carried ‘Welsh fashion’, wrapped in a shawl so their mam could get on with her day-to-day tasks. With the growing popularity of ‘babywearing’ more families are discovering this wonderful way to bond with their children. When used properly, slings and carriers are very safe and provide your child with a whole host of social and emotional benefits.

Cwtch-Up Pontypridd is a membership organisation, and everyone is invited to join. For a £15 annual membership you get free access to all our meets, free workshops, access to our enabling library, the chance to try tester wraps and discounts at a range of babywearing businesses. If you’d like to join, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to find out more. You don’t need to be a member to use the facebook group or come to the slingmeets, but we really appreciate people signing up. All the money raised is reinvested to encourage babywearing in our community.

Cwtch-Up is a not-for-profit organisation, entirely run by volunteers. Ellie Harwood, Tess Mountford, Gwen Sallabank and Julia Constantinou are all trained babywearing consultants. We offer paid-for private consultations and give our time for free at slingmeets and online. Most of our members also have experience using a range of carriers. Please bear in mind it is hard to give good sling advice over the internet. If in doubt, stick to the TICKS guidelines at all times and try to get to a meet for more advice in person.



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